The Palouse Falls

I took a road trip down to Baker City yesterday afternoon. I took the long way because it looked like the more scenic route. I generally want to get from A to B as quickly as possible but the spring Palouse drew me in.

I knew I had been on the road before but it would have been years ago in my college days. I saw a sign for the Palouse Falls and impulsively extended the trip slightly more. It was worth the 4 mile detour! The Falls were roaring with the spring runoff. It was also the warmest weather I have seen since last September! Like being transported into a future/past summer.

4 thoughts on “The Palouse Falls

      1. haha….well, I am with you on that one. I usually plein air paint out all by my lonesome in the woods, by the river with no one around. I am hoping to get more out there where people are and get more comfortable with onlookers. Tomorrow in fact I will be around quite a few people. There is something about it that throws me off and I feel like I am at the blackboard doing a math problem. I am determined to get accustomed to it, anyway it will be good for me (I hope!).


      2. Good luck tomorrow hope it goes well! I am totally off my game when people are watching… I do like the remote painting in the wilderness approach but you are wise to face your fear! I will try to stay out of view for now!

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