Shipping News

This last week was a good week for me. I mailed off 8 paintings. Work sent to Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Germany!

Selling work through my website and Instagram account (@bsostrom) is fun and satisfying. As an independent artist I am taking on all the promotional responsibility along with negotiating, packing and shipping. Ideally I would just like to spend my time painting but nothing is that simplistic and as an artist you have to hustle and scramble to make ends meet.

Thanks you for your support and interest!

2 thoughts on “Shipping News

  1. Minnesota? SQUEAAALLLL!! 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding such an eager market for your (gorgeous, breathtaking) work, Brian. And I expect this will only pick up after the show in Astoria! But I hope you’ll keep posting your work here if you have time … it’s wonderful to see your new works. Best wishes for much continued success!

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    1. Thank you Heide! Your painting is on it’s way! Thanks for all of your positivity, I will continue to use WordPress and post work. This is where I post more information than Instagram but I’m not all that wordy.

      Let me know when your painting arrives!


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