Road through Fire

By Fire, 24”x18” acrylic

As an artist I often feel compelled to make work. This year I created s body of work called “Apocalyptic Bloom”. They weren’t paintings the the galleries representing me wanted. It is not artwork that my average collector would be into. Still I took this side road that represented a large part of 2019. I will always follow my artistic curiosities and interests.

This painting is on display at the RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. A new gallery to represent me since I started the journey.

3 thoughts on “Road through Fire

  1. Beautiful painting. Some years back I watched a documentary about the musician Neil Young. He spoke about changing up his music at some point in his career and he received quite a bit of resistance from the music industry and he lost some of his fans along the way. He said that he wasn’t going to be deterred by what people expected from him. He wanted to grow and explore as a musician. I really like that attitude. In short, your own creativity is being true to yourself. Of course you know this.

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