5 thoughts on “Wash Away

  1. I would love to learn a little more of your technique. I watched your YouTube videos and I was wondering how many layers do you do on your paintings? I did a couple of layers but nothing magical happened 😸


  2. Okay, I tried to get the effects like you in one of your paintings. How many layers do you do? I did five. No magic happened. Maybe my colors are too strong? Anyways, any hints you can offer on your techniques would be a great. Maybe I have to be a 🧙‍♂️


      1. Okay, I will just struggle then and see what happens. Your paintings are beautiful and congratulations on all of your success. I really like your unusual effects.


      2. Constantly experimenting and finding what naturally works as a painter is the best way to find a voice. I am constantly experimenting and making changes to the way I work… its a long road.

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