Studio (I like it)

A glimpse

I worked with an architect to design my studio. I am now 7 years in on this dream. I’m always seeing things I want to change. The truth is I am super fortunate to have such a great creative space. A place to focus my skills and imagination. Restless as my spirit is, I would still hate to walk away. Time doesn’t stop and work continues until it doesn’t.

Studio Gems

12”x9”, acrylic paintings

I have been rearranging and clearing out my studio for a few months. Trying to optimize the space and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Along the way I have found some forgotten paintings that I really like. These two were from 2018, They will be on display in my studio once again!

In the studio – Linkray

Bad day in the studio…

Things go wrong, it happens all the time. I had just varnished this painting over the weekend. It was going to a gallery I work with in Florida… now it will be sanded down. Sometimes I hurry when I should take my time. It’s a bummer but I will paint something better…creation is medicine.

If only I had tossed soup on the painting, I could have saved the world.