4 thoughts on “Sun has gone

  1. absolutely gorgeous! You caught the feeling and mood that is for sure. You paint with open acrylics? I haven’t tried them yet. I am planning on buying Golden in the next month or so. I have contemplated buying open Golden acrylics especially for plein air work but heard that they can be quite tacky and the “open” time is actually kind of tricky, any thoughts on this?

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  2. Thank you very much! I use liquid golden acrylics along with golden open acrylics. The way I paint is very thin and it dries extremely fast. If you use thicker paint it does take a long time to dry though it starts to get a bit gummy long before it dries. There is definitely a window of painting time and if you work through that time you end up scrapping it all off. I am curious about using it for plein air painting as well, plan to do more of that but waiting for warmer temperatures! It wouldn’t hurt to buy a sample set and try it out… if you do let me know what you think.


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