This is an older painting, two years old. I had been painting desolated man made objects working out the beginning of a series. I had four other chair paintings they all sold aside from this one. “Wait” was actually my favorite of the bunch so now I am pleased to hang it up in the studio. Perhaps I will revisit the idea in the future.


This is another 24″x24″ painting I very recently completed as part of a commission.   

Bold lighting elements and soft moody atmospheric work is seemingly simple but is very challenging to paint with acrylic and open acrylic paint. 

I am drawn to enigmatic imagery and though this subject is straight forward it still has a bit of mystery…. that’s what it’s all about for me.


Gathering up some paintings in my studio that were commissions. I painted four 24″x24″ paintings for a great family that has a house on Lake Pend Oreille. Painting these was a real pleasure knowing they would be hanging lakeside on this beautiful North Idaho lake. 

I will be posting more images of the four paintings along with two additional paintings very soon!

Studio Work

I have been busy balancing my time and mostly burning up the too few summer days. This is a photo of the clean portion of my studio!

I am working on a pretty exciting commission, four big water paintings (24″x24″) inspired by Lake Pend Oreille. Hoping to have them finished by the weekend, this is one of four.

Fog of Isolation

These two paintings were part of a small collection of animal paintings I did. Very heavily influenced by Tonalism, a movement that emerged in the 1880s. Works that fell under that umbrella of style were painted with an overall tone of colored atmosphere.

There were a lot of really interesting artists that were grouped into this art movement such as George Innes and James McNeil Whistler. My personal favorite was Albert Pinkham Ryder, his work is more stylized with a very grim and haunting look. I was excited to see some of his original pieces at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art a number of years ago!