Water in a Frame

Water in a Frame 7”x9” (SOLD)

A cool little painting from April. I was experimenting with framing options, this one worked well. Since then I have switched things up significantly. I am now painting on thicker wood panels and using a more minimal floating frame. Everything is always changing, hopefully evolving… it is good to pause and reflect at times.

4 thoughts on “Water in a Frame

  1. I always enjoy seeing your work! A couple of questions… Are you making your own wood panels and what type of wood? Have you been making your own frames? We just started making our own frames and it has been quite a learning experience but I love the freedom it gives us and of course, it is more cost effective. Take care🎨

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    1. Thank you. I have made my own frames but there are too many non painting distractions for me as it is! I definitely like a custom frame better. I have been using a finished grade 1/2” plywood that a build a substrate upon. I mount the panel in a floating frame so I am sticking to standard dimensions (another downside).

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