This is a 16″x20″ acrylic painting. As summer approaches I wanted to capture snow disappearing from the mountains… “between the snowman and the rain”. I have painted two northwest alpine scenes along these lines. They both have an ethereal ghostly presence that I really enjoy. I will post the other painting soon.

This is a detail from “Snoqualmie”.

7”x9” Collection

These four small paintings are acrylic on panel. I finally varnished and signed them so I can mail them to a buyer today!

Small paintings are enjoyable but I do miss the freedom of movement available on a larger surface. Generally it is good to switch up sizes and approach to keep the sense of discovery alive!

Far Distance 12”x12”

This acrylic painting is one of three in a series. Yesterday I sold one of the set but the buyer agreed to let me bring it to the Astoria show, June 9th, which was great! I was not planning on another show so soon and had signed up for a bunch of commissions. I have too much to do but I am really thankful to have people interested in my work.

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