Broken Lines


There is something intriguing about antique communication devices. They are often really beautiful objects that play no part in our modern world. I purchased this phone on eBay because I wanted to use it as a subject! I was also experiementing with destruction. I often use squeegees and unusual brushes to create marks that I find beautiful. This time I recklessly attached the painting with liquids before it had dried. The results speak of chaos, I thought some of it was pretty interesting looking. I have not been pouring liquid on my wet paintings as of late but like the subject itself I may revisit.

5 thoughts on “Broken Lines

  1. I love the ethereal quality you achieved, as if the image were a memory recalled years later, perhaps in sadness. Reckless abandon is necessary. but sputting everything on the line is so scary – you may have pushed me to try it. Thank you.

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