I have returned again to an old theme… the isolated chair. I am trying to put together some small works for a show at a little gallery in Idaho. I have a few big solo shows coming up soon so my time has been very tight… not to mention that pesky day job that had been keeping the lights on… 

This painting is 12”x12”, some interesting results that I will keep in my mind for future work. I ended up selling this painting first thing this morning so now I need another piece for the previously mentioned show. 

It is good to be painting.


This is an older painting, two years old. I had been painting desolated man made objects working out the beginning of a series. I had four other chair paintings they all sold aside from this one. “Wait” was actually my favorite of the bunch so now I am pleased to hang it up in the studio. Perhaps I will revisit the idea in the future.



24″x24″acrylic painting

I so enjoyed the quick results from the smaller paintings I have been doing. They lived or died and the truth was apparent as quickly as I could grasp it… after that lag it was done.

This is another 24″x24″ painting.  A surface that seems both expansive and modest. Still enjoying the freedom of motion but the scale doesn’t have the presence I would really appreciate.




This is is another small (6″x6″) acrylic painting. Playing with enigmatic atmosphere.

Yesterday evening I was driving through Spokane Washington. There are some terrible fires burning north of the city. Huge fires seem to be getting more common, and so terrible. I have to say the sunlight shining through the smoke was amazingly beautiful. I am sure this will influence some new works.