Apocalyptic Bloom #1

Apocalyptic Bloom #1 paint on panel 24”x18”

This is the first in a series of paintings I am working on. I have always been obsessed with the movement of clouds and the power and energy of nature. This is only a slight shift of vision but once in a while you see something in your work that clicks.

Dimming Light

This 24”x 18” painting has shipped off to a collector in San Francisco, CA. I was saving it for one of my two looming show deadlines but a fella has to make some money when he can!

This painting really has a beautiful apocalyptic vibe which was fun in the studio, plus we find ourselves at 2 minutes to midnight. Hopefully, the purchaser will enjoy this piece in the remaining two minutes!


I have returned again to an old theme… the isolated chair. I am trying to put together some small works for a show at a little gallery in Idaho. I have a few big solo shows coming up soon so my time has been very tight… not to mention that pesky day job that had been keeping the lights on… 

This painting is 12”x12”, some interesting results that I will keep in my mind for future work. I ended up selling this painting first thing this morning so now I need another piece for the previously mentioned show. 

It is good to be painting.

Into Shadow

It is hard to say goodbye to Summer. The Fall is here and the sun still so warm and bright but like all things it is transition. Winter waiting patiently with it’s cold dark promise. 

This is a 16″x16″ acrylic painting I just finished. This painting has a subtle intriguing beauty that doesn’t really translate well in photographic form… some transitions are tricky.



This is is another small (6″x6″) acrylic painting. Playing with enigmatic atmosphere.

Yesterday evening I was driving through Spokane Washington. There are some terrible fires burning north of the city. Huge fires seem to be getting more common, and so terrible. I have to say the sunlight shining through the smoke was amazingly beautiful. I am sure this will influence some new works.



Studies in Gloom


I currently find myself without a good place to paint. Moving has left things tucked away in boxes and even the garage has no room to roam.

As a result I am choosing to do some smaller works. It is also an opportunity to experiment with similar themes but explore technique and look for unique qualities I find intriguing. BTW this is making me sound like a real optimist, I think when it comes to painting it might be the one place I really feel that way. There is endless potential even if the work disappoints there is still that next piece that might find the magic.

So much typing, it’s like I’m really a blogger! Anyway let me know your thoughts and bare with me in the near future with my small paintings and big hope (yuck).