If you say run



I wasn’t intending to post a photo of what I was working on tonight… but here we are. Still with David Bowie stuck in my brain. I always liked him but was never more excited about him than hearing Kurt Cobain say “that was a David Bowie song”… Today on rollingstone.com I was reminded of the excellent sketch he was in on Extras… oh man it reminds me why I loved Rickey Jervace as well… To a much lesser degree obviously. None of this has a thing to do with my late night painting… just thoughts and marks on a board. Also beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

6 thoughts on “If you say run

  1. Love Bowie and hope you’ve seen his duet of “Under Pressure” with Annie Lennox. He was brilliant on Extras – “Silly little fat man …. pug, pug, pug, pug” – priceless. Jervais wrote the lyrics but no one could have delivered them better.


      1. I kind of think they are like male/female versions of each other. I think Annie has an INCREDIBLE voice. Couldn’t think of a better pairing.

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