Chrome & Broken


This is the fifth painting in a little series of fish paintings. 10″x10″ acrylic paintings.

This one is particularly loose and free. I rather quickly developed some bold blends and marks and knew I could only muddle what I had… Knowing when to stop!

2 thoughts on “Chrome & Broken

  1. Very noyce!! How to say this… it reminds me of a sculpture of a fish, made abstractly in reference to the form of steel –reminiscent of vehicles in curvature. Make sense? If not, then I’m trying to say that it looks so shiny and beautiful, it looks like the painting is of a steel sculpture of fish made excellently… Like staring at the sleek form of a 3rd/4th gen Ford Thunderbird… I dunno, I see the fish but it reminds me of a really sleek car…:P

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