Minted Murals!

I recently became a minted artist. I am excited about new opportunities and the print world is something I have never explored. If you are not familiar with minted, they are a large online marketplace of independent artists and designers. They use crowdsourcing to select winning designs and their minted members. From their website you can order art prints, home decor and stationary.

Minted has launched “Wall murals” so for a very limited time you can buy massive prints of three of my paintings! I am including a link in this blog to all three murals!

7 thoughts on “Minted Murals!

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I think your paintings are the most suitable for such a idea. Maybe it would be better to start your own business with this.
    I love it, that’s my point and I think a lot of people appreciate it. Good luck!

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      1. I have a very good taste. So I can assure you it’s definitely a hit.
        Here in Holland we have a living program on thev and they use often painting as wall paper. Holland is a good market I think for you. haha.


      2. haha. You can’t see that on my blog anyway. But I do. I am very chill. I love such a painting on the wall, on any wall. I looked at the others. I think you do it yourself or let someone do it for you. Let’s chill the world up a bit. Your work is absolutely the way. WIth love,

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