Heard of the dead?

IMG_8950Here is the complete collection of bison skull paintings I have been busily working on in recent weeks. It is nice to see them all together, feels like a small accomplishment! These will be part of my “Shadows of the West” solo show that is taking place in late March. I still have so much more I want to do…

All of the paintings are acrylic paint on acrylic plexiglass. They are 18″x18″ and 20″x20″ in size.

Do you have a favorite in the group? Thanks for taking the time to check them out!

Western Shadow (bison skull)

IMG_8644This is the newest acrylic painting I have completed. I am putting more pieces together for the “Shadows of the West” show. My goal here is to create what amounts to a really atmospheric still life painting. I want it to have a very ghostly ethereal quality, not entirely there. I found a bit of success with this particular painting. I am currently working on a couple other paintings with a similar approach, hopefully I will be able to post another one next week!



Throwback Thursday


Ten years ago I painted the labels for this series of Snoqualmie wines. It was a fun experience because one of my friends was the designer at the winery… it is who you know. It was an excuse to go out to lunch and hang around under the banner of “work”. Sadly he left the winery before the project was finished.

The end result was kind of an interesting look. It was a lot of fun to see the wine in stores, every time I went to a new grocery store I would look for it! I’ve attached two pictures I took at the Snoqualmie Winery in Prosser Washington. If you are a fan of wine this is a great area to do a lot of wine tasting. There are several dozen tasting rooms and several annual wine-tasting events. It is also on the dry side of Washington State so odds are good you will see some sunshine! .

I decided to do this post as a result of instagram. I was poking around, as people do, and just happened to come across a picture of someone with one of these bottles of wine next to a glass enjoying a summers day. Hard to believe ten years have come and gone… they come and go faster now don’t they. Snoqualmie introduced new labels a couple of years ago so you can no longer find mine in stores.