Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts

It is a stream darkly meandering.

Negativity eroding the shore.

Stay dry, the current is strong.

Clark Fork Moon, 12”x16” acrylic


I often hear about Holiday depression. This year I seem to be feeling it. A terrible dread and sense of hopelessness. Perhaps it is a chemical thing. Maybe something to do with the sun failing to rise above the hill. I posted something regrettable last night on WordPress, I am sorry for that. I hope everyone is doing well this Holiday Season.

9 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts

  1. Brian there is nothing wrong with showing transparency in your personal life. All artists struggle with depression, I think that it is more complex than the rest of the general population. It ebbs and flows, how I personally deal with it (aside from my faith) is not to dwell on it. Get up, get moving and know that it will pass, even if it is just a short time. Your paintings are gorgeous and I am sure that your struggles and resilience is a part of what makes your paintings beautiful. At least that is what I have discovered for myself. Happy Holidays to you!

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  2. Brian, you are a wonderful artist. Clark Fork Moon is stunning, and the poem is simple and profound. We all have periods when we feel our work is going awry, and I know that’s when I start (overusing) the sandpaper, removing images and repainting, removing and reworking). Sometimes this yields breakthroughs and beauty, sometimes not. I do know it’s all part of life. It’s what allows us to cherish the best times. Keep working. (The new LED utility strip lighting does offer fantastic light for the studio in winter – I prefer the 5000K). Wishing you all the best,


    1. Thanks Teri, good advice. The work is there for me, I am thankful to have it. I just added a lot of additional lighting to my studio last winter. Still it never seems like enough come winter, I will look into those lights!


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