Remembering to be Grateful

It was too early to be awake.

I reached for the phone, 3:00 AM. The terrible dead-zone of night.

Something I must remember. Was it important or maybe a secret? Perhaps just a bill I had forgotten to pay. It’ll come to me if I can just get back to sleep, I’m sure it will.

The Harbinger, 30”x24” acrylic

Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts

It is a stream darkly meandering.

Negativity eroding the shore.

Stay dry, the current is strong.

Clark Fork Moon, 12”x16” acrylic


I often hear about Holiday depression. This year I seem to be feeling it. A terrible dread and sense of hopelessness. Perhaps it is a chemical thing. Maybe something to do with the sun failing to rise above the hill. I posted something regrettable last night on WordPress, I am sorry for that. I hope everyone is doing well this Holiday Season.

Summer Moon

Summer Moon 16”x12”

I know summer is long gone but this title was stuck in my brain. Probably because I have listened to Cashmere by Led Zeppelin so many times in my life.

The magical quality of moonlight is undeniable. It has been a popular subject for centuries but I can not resist the gravitational pull.

I am doing a series of moonlight inspired works so more to come.


The moon and night sky are always so captivating and hypnotic to me. I noticed the moon waxing yesterday evening. I am hoping this weekend, when it is full, more of the smoke in the air will have cleared. I’m already feeling low with summer rapidly winding down, more to look forward to I know.

In the meantime I am painting a series of nocturnal images. This one is 10″x8″… more to come!