Beyond Forever (reels)

Beyond Forever 40”x30”, acrylic

This video shows some of the finalizing that goes into an already finished painting! I have since shipped this one to Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado. It was a commission arranged through the gallery.

6 thoughts on “Beyond Forever (reels)

  1. How long ago did you decide to sign your name on the back? Have you always done that? I’m intrigued after reading different artist’s approaches.


      1. Ah, right. Makes sense to put the full info on the back.

        Do you ever have trouble selling a painting because it’s dated? I’ve heard for and against that.

        Personally, I think a date should make zero difference to whether a painting is worth buying. You either like/value it or you don’t. But obviously some people are suspicious when they can see that a painting has taken a while to sell.


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