Western Shadows III

This is the third bison skull painting in the series of “Western Shadows”. As I type this it dawns on me I’ve adopted the Led Zeppelin naming method… which means that number IV will be the most popular and this one will be my personal favorite… tangent!

This painting is 18″x18″ acrylic on plexiglass. I’ve developed some very heavy textures on the back of this piece as you can see there are interesting crater shapes and extensive cracks that catch the light. I’m taking a very basic subject, one that I adore, and experimenting with different ways to visualize it. I am currently working on the fourth one so before long I will be able to have all four up on the site for comparison.

Lulu decide to come by the photo cube and inspect the progress, she didn’t have much to say. But what is there to say?

2 thoughts on “Western Shadows III

  1. I really love these skulls series, and I like how you show close ups on your work! It’s so beautiful to see the details of it!
    Looking forward to see them together in one post!
    Adorable cat you have 🙂 , mine used to come up too and just sit in the middle of my work!


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