In the round

Night Flyer 8” diameter acrylic

I bought some 8″ round wooden boards to paint on. These have a back cradled frame and are really nice. Thought it would be fun to do some portraits!

I am also using some art supplies given to me by Jerry’s Artarama. They sent me a lot of fun materials to play with.

Panhandle Rainbow

Apparently I am doing a little series of trout paintings! This was not my plan but was inspired by some 10” paintings I created a bit over a year ago. Fish are an intriguing subject with their slick metallic skin and smooth curves. This second painting is also 14”x11”.

In the dark

This is a 14”x11” acrylic painting. There is an intriguing quality to the slick silvery body of a trout, it makes for a compelling subject. They are one of the creatures that live in that big body of water I have become fairly obsessed with so it is nice to pay tribute to the mighty rainbow trout.

A walk through the pines

After setting up my art show in Baker City, Oregon I found myself with a free morning. I drove up to Phillips Reservoir and took an easy 4 mile hike. 

A beautiful area with open meadows sprinkled with sagebrush. Forests of ponderosa pine, tamarack and fir trees. Stunning snow capped peaks and a lovely lake to top it off! 

I rarely see bluebirds, they are beautiful elusive birds that love my kind of country. Today I saw dozens of bluebirds, an otter, eagles and hundreds of ground squirrels.

Valley Pond


This 16″x16″ acrylic painting was inspired by the valley south of Flathead Lake in Montana. Ninepipe National wildlife refuge is a large bird sanctuary in that great big valley.

I drove to Montana to see the National Bison Range. I had not been there since I was in my early 20’s. Unfortunately a lot of the park was closed but it was still worth the short road trip. Amazing country alive with wildlife! I took a lot of reference photos and will definitely go back in the spring to see the baby Bison!