A walk through the pines

After setting up my art show in Baker City, Oregon I found myself with a free morning. I drove up to Phillips Reservoir and took an easy 4 mile hike. 

A beautiful area with open meadows sprinkled with sagebrush. Forests of ponderosa pine, tamarack and fir trees. Stunning snow capped peaks and a lovely lake to top it off! 

I rarely see bluebirds, they are beautiful elusive birds that love my kind of country. Today I saw dozens of bluebirds, an otter, eagles and hundreds of ground squirrels.

Valley Pond


This 16″x16″ acrylic painting was inspired by the valley south of Flathead Lake in Montana. Ninepipe National wildlife refuge is a large bird sanctuary in that great big valley.

I drove to Montana to see the National Bison Range. I had not been there since I was in my early 20’s. Unfortunately a lot of the park was closed but it was still worth the short road trip. Amazing country alive with wildlife! I took a lot of reference photos and will definitely go back in the spring to see the baby Bison!

Great Blue

This is a video of a Great Blue Heron flying with a fish in it’s beak.

I have never seen a heron grab a fish in the middle of a lake. They are big wading birds that wonder along shorelines. They frequently stand still for extended periods  and can be easy to miss, blending with limbs and vegetation. I spotted this particular heron hundreds of feet from shore flapping around in a frenzied manner on the surface of the lake. When it finally left the water it flew towards me and I could see it had captured a pretty good meal!  It is a little tricky spotting the fish from the iPhone video but I would guess it was well over a foot long.


Lake Time

A long weekend at Lake Pend Oreille. Always great to get away and spend time with Mother Nature.

I went on a six mile hike that reminded me of my age and questionable physical condition. I was rewarded with solitude, a sense of accomplishment and wildlife. I saw moose droppings. I flushed three white tail deer. Enjoyed the chattering of squirrels along with the lonely call of a varied thrush.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Western Shadows III

This is the third bison skull painting in the series of “Western Shadows”. As I type this it dawns on me I’ve adopted the Led Zeppelin naming method… which means that number IV will be the most popular and this one will be my personal favorite… tangent!

This painting is 18″x18″ acrylic on plexiglass. I’ve developed some very heavy textures on the back of this piece as you can see there are interesting crater shapes and extensive cracks that catch the light. I’m taking a very basic subject, one that I adore, and experimenting with different ways to visualize it. I am currently working on the fourth one so before long I will be able to have all four up on the site for comparison.

Lulu decide to come by the photo cube and inspect the progress, she didn’t have much to say. But what is there to say?