Know Your Place

image.jpegThis is an especially contemporary acrylic painting for me.  I was experimenting with materials and ideas with no clear destination.

I won’t lead the viewer, I had a lot of ideas when painting and composing this image. Now looking at the finished piece I have other ideas. What does this painting say to you?

7 thoughts on “Know Your Place

  1. Now understand this is from my reactionary gut feeling….a smoldering from a fire, changes occurring….the shape under the “smolder” is to me… a leaping cow reborn! I almost didn’t see what that shape was until the last minute and what was generating in my mind was a resurgence….then I saw the leaping cow or is it a calf? truly interesting

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      1. I hear you! It helps to get feedback because I often feel like viewing your own paintings is like looking at yourself in a mirror with your nose up the glass…..hard to make out your own features! Getting feedback is like connecting the dots. 🙂

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  2. Loved this. The darker form looks like an abstract upturned hand reflected in water and the square seemed a structure reminiscent to rules, the opposite to the blurry hand -something built with rules and structure vesus the vague and formless shadow. And a sense of wondering if I fit in one or both, where IS my place?

    Kinda like a psychology ink blot, the date area changes its shape as influenced by other thoughts/suggestions.

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