Know Your Place

image.jpegThis is an especially contemporary acrylic painting for me.  I was experimenting with materials and ideas with no clear destination.

I won’t lead the viewer, I had a lot of ideas when painting and composing this image. Now looking at the finished piece I have other ideas. What does this painting say to you?

even the moonlight is blinding


The moon always a powerful presence in the sky, night or day. It seemed like a good excuse to post the last few lines  from a great song by an amazing songwriter…

Townes Van Zandt – Rake

And now the dark air is like fire on my skin
And even the moonlight is blinding



This is a 10″ x 10″ owl painting I did. Originally I was doing a set of three but the third one refused to pan out. This one featured nice loose brush strokes and the paint had a really easy quality that I liked. The second owl painting was sold before I could get a proper photograph. Both paintings were done on a really thick translucent acrylic substrate and feature exciting depth allowing the light to reflect through the paint.



Another empty water scene. I used a squeegee and brush to create this like most of the other water scenes I’ve painted. This one has some interesting and subtle texture particularly in the upper left portion of the image. I used interference paint underneath the texture that gives it a dynamic quality that you can see as you move around the painting. Most of these have been 18″ x 24″ and 20″ x 20″, I really want to make very large version at some point… so much to do!