Studies in Gloom


I currently find myself without a good place to paint. Moving has left things tucked away in boxes and even the garage has no room to roam.

As a result I am choosing to do some smaller works. It is also an opportunity to experiment with similar themes but explore technique and look for unique qualities I find intriguing. BTW this is making me sound like a real optimist, I think when it comes to painting it might be the one place I really feel that way. There is endless potential even if the work disappoints there is still that next piece that might find the magic.

So much typing, it’s like I’m really a blogger! Anyway let me know your thoughts and bare with me in the near future with my small paintings and big hope (yuck).

2 thoughts on “Studies in Gloom

  1. Interesting…..I know exactly what you mean, there is a certain optimism that I feel when I paint or think about painting. Always endless potential and another day, another painting, never ending I believe. Perhaps your little paintings are revealing a bit of that space fog that you are in? I love them both and hopefully your painting space will open up 🙂 by the way, I vaguely see a rock in the fog on the left/middle of the painting on the left. It is my eyes…or? really love it, either way.

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