Rainbow #3

This is a painting I did a bit over a year ago. I painted 5 trout images and a less then flattering but reasonably accurate self portrait. I was painting small 10″x10″ paintings as I was between studios. I discovered that they made a really cool single art piece when hung together. Now that I am in a great new studio space I have been digging through works for some upcoming shows and rediscovered these. People keep trying to buy the individual fish paintings, curiously no one wants the self portrait! For whatever reason I refuse to break up the band and am going to hang them all together in my new studio… 

2 thoughts on “Rainbow #3

  1. Somehow it’s the trout’s present, past, and future. The brush strokes and textures mimic the necessary cuts for filleting the fish and serving on a bed of riverweeds. Or, it’s the movement of the fish through the lake of summer days when the sun filtered low past the fisherman’s boat near the reeds and breckle. Very beautifully rendered.

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