Cold cold water

Dark at 50°, acrylic on 8” diameter wood

Just for fun I decided to paint some some small round paintings. I started with three owl portraits, which I displayed in a previous post. On my birthday I caught a massive mackinaw (lake trout) and decided to do some trout portraits! This is the newest painting, I love the strange dark vibe. I am going to do one more portrait and then wade back into my landscape work!

Mac the fish

Mac 8” diameter acrylic on wood

I am painting a few trout portraits to honor our aquatic friends. I caught the largest trout of my life on my birthday. I always catch and release fish but they are netting these Mackinaw trout to reduce their numbers. They are serious predators and clearly get huge! This fish was 17.85 lbs and 36″ long! It is providing a lot of meals for the family!

Panhandle Rainbow

Apparently I am doing a little series of trout paintings! This was not my plan but was inspired by some 10” paintings I created a bit over a year ago. Fish are an intriguing subject with their slick metallic skin and smooth curves. This second painting is also 14”x11”.

In the dark

This is a 14”x11” acrylic painting. There is an intriguing quality to the slick silvery body of a trout, it makes for a compelling subject. They are one of the creatures that live in that big body of water I have become fairly obsessed with so it is nice to pay tribute to the mighty rainbow trout.