Dark Reveals Light

A quick little 10″x10″ painting. The simple theme of light and dark are a consistent pursuit in my work. 

I paint with acrylics, I don’t use white or overly opaque pigments so there is a bit of a parallel to watercolor painting. I preserve the bright beneath and essentially darken the entire image. The title of my next show plays into that, I will post about that at a later date.



Another empty water scene. I used a squeegee and brush to create this like most of the other water scenes I’ve painted. This one has some interesting and subtle texture particularly in the upper left portion of the image. I used interference paint underneath the texture that gives it a dynamic quality that you can see as you move around the painting. Most of these have been 18″ x 24″ and 20″ x 20″, I really want to make very large version at some point… so much to do!



This was a self-portrait I did as an experiment. It is composed of 4 paintings on plexiglass of my mug from slightly different angles. The underlying paintings were done with warm translucent colors. The top most painting is the boldest with the darkest values. I stacked them all in a frame which created an intriguing result. There is a very physical depth between the paintings that gives it a real sense of volume.

I photographed it from different angles to give you an idea how the color shifts and the image changes.