11 thoughts on “two of a kind

      1. Well, you know Brian, I was not thinking of mosaics. Mosaics are the composites of small pieces. I was thinking more of beautiful clay tiles where you could make the shapes raised, see for example Pewabic tiles.


      2. There are some tile makers on Etsy. Much less competition for that than jewelry. Seems like something one could also sell at craft fairs and the like.Best of all, you could decorate your own fireplace.


  1. Incredible. Love your style! A long time ago one of my professors told me the raven acts as a symbol of the artist’s “alter ego” when presented in art work. He made a point to always include a raven in all of his sculptural pieces. Was this intentional for you? Also, I really dig your use of the medium — expressive brushstrokes implying movement / *life*. Great use of negative space.


    1. That wasn’t my intention but I like what your professor had to say! I have always been a fan of ravens and crows. I like brush strokes and unusual marks in a delicate surface, it shows action which helps give it some life.


      1. I absolutely agree with you. I currently work as a therapist at a community mental health center while also working on my Master’s, so I have very little time to “throw myself” into my work as I would like. One area that I feel would benefit my work would be to loosen up and let the medium come to life on its own. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m a big fan of your work.


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