A Mixed Bag (Amalgamation)

sleep mix


water and meat

Anyone who has digitized their artwork knows how difficult it can be to capture an accurate representation. First getting the image “square” so that the art is not being distorted. Finessing the lighting so that it is bright without glare. Balancing the contrast, hue and saturation to accurately represents the original work etc…

I recently had a little fun with some work I had painstakingly digitized. I used a simple little app called “layout” on my iPhone in order to combine multiple images for a single Instagram post. Immediately the paintings started to feel like new work. The specifics of the images and the context shifted making them feel fresh and a bit more intriguing. In college I created a number of paintings that were a pre planned amalgamation but they lacked the spontaneous and unique results that are immediately possible in the digital age. Part of me wants to take a saw and glue to my work to recreate these kind of hybrids! In the end it is just an interesting exercise. What are your thoughts on the results?

2 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag (Amalgamation)

  1. Personally I love it, I use programs as well to as you mentioned have “little fun” and the results can be most interesting. It is a lot of work and takes time to develop a certain “look” and the results what you got really feels like new work but you got it “right” it doesn’t feels out of place. You managed to merge the two together in a coherent manner, exp: the swan with the blue water is a perfect match. So the results for me are perfectly beautiful.


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