Great Blue

This is a video of a Great Blue Heron flying with a fish in it’s beak.

I have never seen a heron grab a fish in the middle of a lake. They are big wading birds that wonder along shorelines. They frequently stand still for extended periods  and can be easy to miss, blending with limbs and vegetation. I spotted this particular heron hundreds of feet from shore flapping around in a frenzied manner on the surface of the lake. When it finally left the water it flew towards me and I could see it had captured a pretty good meal!  It is a little tricky spotting the fish from the iPhone video but I would guess it was well over a foot long.


Ryan’s Electric Crow


This poor crow electrocuted himself on a poweline in Seattle. My buddy Ryan knows I have a fondness for crows so he gave it to me. I have used it for reference a number of times and then pop it back in the freezer! Ryan’s electric crow has seen better days!

This is another painting with a lot of interesting textural depth. I built up heavy vertical lines with acrylic medium. It also has an undevrcoat of interference pearl that results in a dynamic lighting that you can pick up a bit of in this photograph.

The Boatman


This was one of a black bird series I was working on a few years ago. Part of that time period where I was creating paintings in unstable ways and letting them crack, run or erode. I liked the idea of a paintings forming with me just guiding the process. I have completely changed the way I paint a number of times since then but it is interesting to look back.

Symbols & Signs



This painting goes back a few years.

I was working with really thick translucent acrylic paint. I would pour it on and aggressively dry it in front of a heater and the surface would craze in unpredictable ways. A person can never entirely dictate the way materials will interact when used in unconventional ways. That unpredictable outcome can result in something that feels akin to magic but more often results in wasted materials. I was caught in a loop basically lured along by glimpses of success but wasting too much time. Quite literally hanging around watching the paint dry! The method of painting, used in this particular piece along with scores of others, I have moved away from. It started to feel more and more like that definition of insanity…

This blackbird painting was one I considered a success, he seemed to know the score.





This is a 10″ x 10″ owl painting I did. Originally I was doing a set of three but the third one refused to pan out. This one featured nice loose brush strokes and the paint had a really easy quality that I liked. The second owl painting was sold before I could get a proper photograph. Both paintings were done on a really thick translucent acrylic substrate and feature exciting depth allowing the light to reflect through the paint.