Sometimes I will do little abstract studies. I generally only reference them for color or interesting brushwork or mark making. This one stuck with me a bit. It led to a lot of other representational ideas but not sure they captured the simple allure of this.

3 thoughts on “Totem

  1. very good.
    I was just reading TJ Clark’s text ‘The Unhappy Consciousness’, this may seem appropriate:

    “Something is at stake in it: something the culture as a whole is still trying to sort out, of which this art is an emblem. Emblematic of what precisely? Of the true form of individuality, or the false one? Of the free play of the signifier, or the impossibility of any such play – until the moment that is, when the sign is discovered again as common property or collective work? Of a concrete, practical, hands-on world; or of some final giving-over of the self to an endless shifting – and even a kind of glorying in that condition – ‘the positive moment of practicing what it does not understand.'” ? [369, Farewell to an Idea]

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