Far Beyond

Far Beyond – 16”x12”, acrylic

A new seascape in the studio. Something a bit more peaceful and heavenly. This painting was commissioned through a gallery by a great collector of mine. She is going to be gifting it to a friend with cancer… hopefully the tranquility and light will provide both to her.

Far Beyond

Low Sun

Low Sun 12”x16”, acrylic

I am starting on a series of autumnal forest paintings. This time of year as the daylight fades and the sun hangs low, I feel it in so many ways. The beauty shifts and there is that reminder of days passing and time slipping away. I am leaning into the beauty of the hours.

Studio time

Bad day in the studio…

Things go wrong, it happens all the time. I had just varnished this painting over the weekend. It was going to a gallery I work with in Florida… now it will be sanded down. Sometimes I hurry when I should take my time. It’s a bummer but I will paint something better…creation is medicine.

If only I had tossed soup on the painting, I could have saved the world.