It really feels like the end of days still the sun is shining. My modest 401k has gone away even as the snow turns back to ground. Finance and health aside the stretching days are filled with light. Thankful this didn’t happen in the darkened depths of Fall.

LuLu embraces the day
Albert remains “cool and the gang”

Stretching Daylight

Morning Glory 12”x9” acrylic

This morning the sunrise was an epic display of color. I had been rousted from bed by my furry friends and when I walked into the living room the light was a stunning surprise. I am so excited to see our daylight increasing and the snow genuinely seems to be melting…

Morning Waves

Two 16″x20″ wave paintings I recently completed. I am focusing on mark making and blending colors on the boards in order to create a vibrant feel.

These paintings sold before I could post them. Luckily the buyer is allowing me to hang onto them until early July so that they can be part of the Astoria, Oregon show.