Warming Light (home)

Warming light, 20”x16” acrylic

I procrastinate varnishing work. It’s maybe a psychological thing but once something is varnished it is truly done. Even a painting like this one that I really like and won’t change… haven’t varnished it. It takes a sale or an upcoming show to force my hand. That just adds unnecessary pressure down the line. Yeah, it sounds like a psychological issue.

The Air

The Air, 12”x12” acrylic

I really like the color scheme and moody vibes of this painting. As I prepare a lot of giant boards I am going to be going back and forth between small paintings and huge panels. Ultimately I want to create more large scale epic works. The large pieces are much more expensive to make and end up with a large price tag so tougher to sell. Ultimately they are more satisfying and I aim to please myself.