Tunnel then Jubilation


I live in a beautiful rural setting. I love the wildlife and privacy, but like everything good, I take it for granted.

Rolling along my eyes looking away from the world and into my own dark brain. Something brings the light back, this “forest tunnel” is the kind of thing I have grown blind to. Then in the evening with the headlights on… what could make me happier.

Lake Time

A long weekend at Lake Pend Oreille. Always great to get away and spend time with Mother Nature.

I went on a six mile hike that reminded me of my age and questionable physical condition. I was rewarded with solitude, a sense of accomplishment and wildlife. I saw moose droppings. I flushed three white tail deer. Enjoyed the chattering of squirrels along with the lonely call of a varied thrush.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!