Breaking Light (SOLD)

Breaking Light, 12”x12” acrylic

This painting is on its way to Texas! Happy to have more sales these days. Making a living as a painter is a difficult but deeply rewarding journey.

It cost nearly as much to ship this small painting to Texas as the huge 40”x30”x5” box I just sent to Oregon. Shipping is so expensive now, particularly out of region.

Warm Nights (long gone)

Warm Nights, 16”x16” acrylic

I am currently varnishing and framing this painting. I am putting together a collection of work for a new gallery I am working with. The gallery is called the Grand Bohemian Gallery, there are a number of them around the country at high end resorts.

Evening Shore

Western Shore, 36”x24” acrylic

I finished painting this commission during the week. I had done a few 14”x11” paintings in advance just to experiment with color and motion before tackling such a large painting. over the weekend I will varnish this one and install hangers. Then package and ship!