The Woodland

18 acrylic paintings (from a ladder)

After months of hard work I have finally shipped these 18 paintings to Higher Art Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan. The show is a dual exhibit of my paintings and the sculptures of Kristen Egan. It would be a beautifully intriguing show to have a stroll through. I do not know when the exhibit will physically open. The art will be available online through the gallery either way!

And from a stool

Above the Grey

Above the Grey, 5”x5” acrylic

One of five paintings I am working on for Abend Gallery in Denver. Using some really great panels from artefexart. These panels are thin aluminum with a polyethylene core. The company was generous enough to provide complimentary panels for me. They have a lot of great large scale panels so I will be buying some in the future!

Here is a link to artefexart: