Fire Sky (again)

Fire Sky, 18”x18” acrylic

One of approximately 30 paintings that will be part of my solo show at Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado. I have been scrambling to get all of my work varnished, framed and ready to go. This will be my very best solo exhibit to date… also the last one I am going to take on for a while! Time to shift some new gears.

Wash Away (exhibit)

Wash Away, 20”x20” acrylic

Upcoming solo show at Abend Gallery, opens August 12th. This will be my last major solo exhibit for a while, so check it out!

Adding it up I realized in 6 years I have had 17 solo shows in 7 states. I am going to spread them out a bit moving forward! Focus on delivering my very finest paintings to a select pool of galleries.