This 14″x11″ painting was a commission. The buyer liked one of my older pieces that had already sold and wanted something similar. I don’t recreate past work but I was definitely interested in visiting this type of subtle moody landscape again. I had a lot of fun with it and we were both pleased with the finished piece.

Morning Fog 9”x7”

I have taken on a commission to paint some small paintings at an unusual size. So I took the opportunity to prepare a number of extra boards at that size.

The title pretty much describes it. I love fog lifting through the trees in the early morning. Firs and pines standing still while light and shadows shift and swirl.

Fog of Isolation

These two paintings were part of a small collection of animal paintings I did. Very heavily influenced by Tonalism, a movement that emerged in the 1880s. Works that fell under that umbrella of style were painted with an overall tone of colored atmosphere.

There were a lot of really interesting artists that were grouped into this art movement such as George Innes and James McNeil Whistler. My personal favorite was Albert Pinkham Ryder, his work is more stylized with a very grim and haunting look. I was excited to see some of his original pieces at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art a number of years ago!