Marking Time

Marking Time 14”x11”

The title of this painting is everything.

Hard to believe it is already the middle of October. The snow on the mountains and falling leaves certainly aren’t subtle reminders. I have been working on small paintings, experimenting and exploring. Now time is getting away from me so I have to get serious about my next solo show. I will be delivering work to Elliott Fouts Gallery in early January which seems soon!

Into Shadow

It is hard to say goodbye to Summer. The Fall is here and the sun still so warm and bright but like all things it is transition. Winter waiting patiently with it’s cold dark promise. 

This is a 16″x16″ acrylic painting I just finished. This painting has a subtle intriguing beauty that doesn’t really translate well in photographic form… some transitions are tricky.

Lost Words

Lost Words

This is the second typewriter painting I have done. I used my Grandmother’s typewriter as reference for the image. This particular painting was 20″ x 20″, a bit of room to play.  I wanted to keep this loose and intriguing. The last thing I wanted was to turn it into a technical rendering which is utterly dull to me. I was pretty happy with the result and a little sad to see it go when I sold it in October.

In high school I took a “typing class” at my mothers suggestion. Now typewriters are simply a curious historical artifact. The electric typewriter I used in school did not possess any of the beauty of this antique… But it was the late 80’s!