Sandpoint, Idaho

Looking west down the Pend Orielle River

December 1st, it seemed like the last day to hike up Gold Hill without snow. So I made the 6 mile round trip excursion this morning. It’s such a beautiful view and great exercise, sorry I didn’t make more hikes to the top this year. As I type this the snow is piling up outside. At this point it is on the ground for the season!

Sandpoint, Idaho across the long bridge

It was in the low 20’s during the hike. By the end I pulled my water bottle out of my jacket and it had frozen!

Sense of Scale


I am continuing my work on large pieces, at least for me. These atmospheric paintings are 24″x24″. I have a backlog of paintings I have been wanting to work on… not enough time it seems.

With the snow piling up outside I am getting distracted by the stark bright landscapes that surround me… I will probably be shifting gears soon. It has been a long time since I lived in snowy country, I am loving it so far!

Lost Words

Lost Words

This is the second typewriter painting I have done. I used my Grandmother’s typewriter as reference for the image. This particular painting was 20″ x 20″, a bit of room to play.  I wanted to keep this loose and intriguing. The last thing I wanted was to turn it into a technical rendering which is utterly dull to me. I was pretty happy with the result and a little sad to see it go when I sold it in October.

In high school I took a “typing class” at my mothers suggestion. Now typewriters are simply a curious historical artifact. The electric typewriter I used in school did not possess any of the beauty of this antique… But it was the late 80’s!

Ryan’s Electric Crow


This poor crow electrocuted himself on a poweline in Seattle. My buddy Ryan knows I have a fondness for crows so he gave it to me. I have used it for reference a number of times and then pop it back in the freezer! Ryan’s electric crow has seen better days!

This is another painting with a lot of interesting textural depth. I built up heavy vertical lines with acrylic medium. It also has an undevrcoat of interference pearl that results in a dynamic lighting that you can pick up a bit of in this photograph.