Transcending (Sold)

Transcending – 16”x20”, acrylic

I just framed and varnished this lovely water painting. it is one of two paintings I need to pack up and ship to Nevada. Shipping is always a little worrying! I carefully wrap and pad each painting and box them with extra layers of cardboard. FedEx ground has proven to be the most gentle with shipping thus far… so sticking with them!

Warming Light (home)

Warming light, 20”x16” acrylic

I procrastinate varnishing work. It’s maybe a psychological thing but once something is varnished it is truly done. Even a painting like this one that I really like and won’t change… haven’t varnished it. It takes a sale or an upcoming show to force my hand. That just adds unnecessary pressure down the line. Yeah, it sounds like a psychological issue.