Warming Light (home)

Warming light, 20”x16” acrylic

I procrastinate varnishing work. It’s maybe a psychological thing but once something is varnished it is truly done. Even a painting like this one that I really like and won’t change… haven’t varnished it. It takes a sale or an upcoming show to force my hand. That just adds unnecessary pressure down the line. Yeah, it sounds like a psychological issue.

Time Keeper (final)

Time Keeper, 18”x18” acrylic

Final shot of this painting before I frame it. I am crazy busy varnishing, framing and installing hardware. All my work has to be wrapped boxed and shipped to Abend Gallery in Denver within a week!

A little stress finalizing a solo show. I keep squeezing in painting time, cannot help it.

Job to do (prepping for my solo show)

Pend Oreille acrylic on wood panel

Today I will be varnishing and photographing much of my work. As eager as I am to paint I have a looming deadline for my show solo show at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California. The show is the month of February so I need to get my work photographed, varnished, framed, packaged and shipped very soon! Deadlines keep me running!