I just finished this painting last night. It had lingered around the studio in an awkward state for a couple weeks. Something was needed and then it all came together!

This painting is another on large board (24″x30″). I am trying to put together a strong collection for two upcoming shows this winter. Both shows are in Western Washington and they overlap which will make it especially difficult!

Morning Smoke

The terrible forest fires of the west this summer were heartbreaking. The only silver lining was the incredible sunrise and sunsets but I hope we don’t see more fires in coming years… seems to be the way things are headed though.

This painting is 24”x36” acrylic and open acrylic paint.

Seasons Change

This is a large work in progress (36”x48”). The scale of paintings like this is exciting but on a deep cradled board it renders it very expensive to ship! 

I have been working on three large brooding paintings. They will make a small solo show tour this year and next.