Can’t we all just get along?

Pine Siskins

We have had some late season Pine Siskin fledglings. Hanging around complaining and begging to be fed. They are able to eat on their own but they are at the awkward stage wanting parents but sort of able to fly (I personally never left this stage). I was lacing up my hiking boots on the front porch when one of these little guys started hoped up to me and chirping. I baby birded it some water. Without effort I picked it up and carried around the house to the “Siskin Zone”. Another young bird immediately hopped over and this video was the result. I hope they will be ok. I know there isn’t much that I can do. There is bird seed and other Pine Siskins… Live Free?

A walk through the pines

After setting up my art show in Baker City, Oregon I found myself with a free morning. I drove up to Phillips Reservoir and took an easy 4 mile hike. 

A beautiful area with open meadows sprinkled with sagebrush. Forests of ponderosa pine, tamarack and fir trees. Stunning snow capped peaks and a lovely lake to top it off! 

I rarely see bluebirds, they are beautiful elusive birds that love my kind of country. Today I saw dozens of bluebirds, an otter, eagles and hundreds of ground squirrels.



This painting is a few years old. I was working in a very different way back then. Still focused on translucent acrylic colors but I was building up heavy translucent textures. The result was something that looked a lot like encaustic. I found too much time was spent waiting for heavy acrylic mediums and not enough time with a brush. Still there were some interesting results at times.



This is a painting I did a couple of years ago. I stumbled across it while trying to clean out my studio.

Different approaches to the same sort of imagery I still work on. I now paint almost exclusively with translucent paint. This painting is a more traditional approach with a warm under paint and opaque colors built upon that. It still has a lot of interesting translucent passages but looks a bit “overworked” to me now.