A little gift

Gift, 7”x5” acrylic

My Aunt Anna and Uncle Mike came through North Idaho on their way back to Wyoming. They had never seen this part of the state so it was fun to give them a little lake tour. I gave them this little sunset painting as my Aunt has talked about owning one of my paintings for years!

Ode to Summer

Summer, 10”x10” acrylic


Once again you made me your fool. All those warm days and late nights the sun barely resting. I tried so hard to keep you by my side.

Now you are off to some southern land. I laugh as you go but I will never forgive you. I prize my solitude and I will cling to the darkness. Maybe I will pine over an old photo of you this winter. In April a sparrow might spark a faint memory.

Damn, I just want you to come back.