National Bison Range

Tatanka, 40”x30”, acrylic

With a weekend journey down the highway to the National Bison Range, it seemed appropriate to post this final capture of “Tatanka”. It was inspired by a previous outing to this beautiful part of Montana. The painting is now at Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Blue & Bone


Blue & Bone
Western Shadows IV

This is the last bison skull painting in the series, the last one I am going to do for a while. I experimented with a bit of blue which gave the painting an interesting look. Along with the texture it has a bit of an underwater feeling to it.

The painting is an 18″ x 18″ acrylic painting.



In the Studio


I am finishing up the second “Western Shadows (bison skull)” painting. I will try to get a proper photograph of it when it is complete. There are some pretty interesting textures happening that aren’t apparent in this photograph. I’m planning on doing at least one more of these but who can tell?