Halloween (2020)

Oblivion’s Dance III, 16”x12” acrylic

This painting seemed like the perfect post for Halloween. Part of a series of dark tree imagery I created this year. I intended to paint some huge versions but the pandemic, fires and general apocalyptic vibe of the year dulled my enthusiasm… at least for now.


Apocalyptic Bloom II, 16”x20” acrylic

Happy Halloween! I painted this last November it seems to have the right vibe for today.

While picking up my Vashon Island show I saw friends and family. I was fortunate to carve pumpkins with my sister’s family! That is me in the foreground.

Photo credit: Julie Sostrom

October Sky

October Sky, 10”x8” acrylic

Another small piece that is heading to Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado for a group exhibit. This is one of four paintings that should have been delivered yesterday, the snows prevented that! Let’s hope they arrive safely today!

On an unrelated note… Happy Birthday to Henry Sloan, my Nephew!

Agrestic Macabre #1

Agrestic Macabre#1

I am continuing work on a series of paintings I started this year. The paintings are a bit of an experiment in technique, I am using acrylic paint on acrylic plexiglass. The slick surface of the plastic sheeting makes an excellent surface for subtle brush work and mark making. The flip side of the plexiglass is covered with layers of transparent textures that harmonize and compliment the painted image. The physical depth of these paintings alter the appearance as the lighting and angle of view shift.