Reflections 9”x7”

A little moody forest scene. I painted this one a couple months back and decided it looked great in an extra frame I had! I was planning on taking it to my show but it looks like I have sold it this morning… I really should focus on retaining work for my exhibit that is just two weeks out! A bird in the hand? Poor bird.

Morning Waves

Two 16″x20″ wave paintings I recently completed. I am focusing on mark making and blending colors on the boards in order to create a vibrant feel.

These paintings sold before I could post them. Luckily the buyer is allowing me to hang onto them until early July so that they can be part of the Astoria, Oregon show.

Small works (ready for the show)


I have been busily preparing work for my upcoming show. I decided to bring some smaller paintings with some of my larger work to this exhibit. These twelve paintings are all 10″x10″ in size, they were all painted over a seven month period. Signing varnishing and adding hangers all takes time but it is part of the deal.