ROYGBIV (going to Jackson)

ROYGBIV, 16”x12” acrylic

Today I am shipping this painting to Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming.

Memory is a funny thing. Some of it is etched pretty deep into my mind, some of it takes flight. I learned the acronym “ROYGBIV” in a high school science class. I can’t look at a rainbow with out that popping into my mind. It is annoying, thanks school!

Arching Light

Arching Light, 30”x24” acrylic

My largest rainbow painting to date. I will be working on some even larger pieces soon.

Happy 2020, I hope it is a great year!

I have finally started a YouTube channel! Late to the party but at least I showed up. I will be adding studio footage and inspirational videos as time goes on. Currently not much there but that will be changing.